AmputeesCAN - The Columbia Area Network for individuals with limb loss 
Columbia, South Carolina Amputee Support Group 

The name says it all!
Wheelchair and scooter lifts
The Amputee Newswire - reliable and trustworthy information source for and about amputees and amputation
Online Shopping
 - Amputee Supply Company
 - Amputee News - frequent updates
Maker of prosthetic knees, ankles, feet and more
 - Bromac Assistive Technology
- The Barr Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for amputees, and has      a fund to purchase prosthetic limbs for amputees who cannot otherwise afford them.
 - Site devoted to recording and preserving the history of disabled people.
 - Company's mission is to produce the best prostheses possible.
 - Dedicated to global reduction of Phantom Limb Pain - FREE ETTP ToolKit to amputees
 - Innovative products to make life easier for amputees, disabled.
- provides opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. 
 - Great crutches and canes.
- Fun empowering adventures for teens with limb differences and limb loss.
- The Internet's premier disability travel publication
-  "Run" fast again on cycles
- Applies art and color to orthopedic braces and prosthetic limbs.
- A non-profit that helps low-income amputees obtain prosthetic care
- A detailed journal about the creation of a new limb.
- A global supplier of prosthetics
- Sleeves, liners, locks, skin care and other products for both above and below knee amputee patients
- Fairings, one of a kind coverings for prosthetics legs.
- A global supplier of prosthetics
- A global supplier of prosthetics.
- Dedicated to restoring mobility and independence worldwide to amputees and other      disadvantaged persons suffering from orthopedic disabilities
- New socket design for upper and lower limb amputees
- An innovative wheel chair system
- Web magazine and meeting place for people with disabilities all over the world.
- Colorfully Decorated Sleeves for your prosthetic leg.
Use your stairs again!
- Aquatic exercise and therapy equipment.
- Crutches and canes
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